Mel Goodale: seminario

How old do I look? The perception of age from faces

Mel Goodale

Western Institute for Neuroscience
The University of Western Ontario

Il nostro socio, il professor Carlo Marzi, ha invitato il professor Mel Goodale per un seminario dal titolo:
How old do I look? The perception of age from faces.
Il seminario si terrà in aula E degli istituti biologici dell’Università di Verona alle ore 15 del 10 maggio.
foto di Mel Goodale


Humans can extract visual information from faces to estimate a person’s age. Cues from wrinkling, pigmentation, hair color and facial structure all contribute to these estimates. Yet, human accuracy in age evaluations is imprecise, limited by the observer’s perceptual resolution, top-down influences, and by genetic and environmental factors that cause people’s faces to age differently. I will briefly review the kinds of errors that we typically make when estimating someone’s age and the potential sources of those errors, including facial expression. In addition, I will show how the biases and accuracy of our estimates of someone’s age change as a function of their age. Finally, I will compare the performance of human observers with the performance of several popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs that have been developed to estimate people’s age from photos of their faces.

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